Vitiligo Awareness Day!

Today is June 25th, which means it is World Vitiligo day!   Zaida Davies - ENoel Face of Prom Contestant 2020 Hey! I’m Zaida and I was diagnosed with vitiligo when I was three years old. My parents noticed that some parts of my face were discoloured, CONTINUE READING

All Dressed Up for the Show!

Hey! My name is Elizabeth Marnoch, I’m 18 years old from London Ontario and I compete in pageants. My pageant journey began at the age of 10 in 2011. I walked into that first competition scared and also incredibly unprepared. Since then, pageantry has become my greatest passion as it CONTINUE READING

Stronger Than T1D

It’s officially November which marks the start of diabetes awareness month. I’ve been battling with Type 1 Diabetes since I was ten, which is when I was first diagnosed. I am still battling now, over 7 years later. I like to use the word battle to describe my time with CONTINUE READING

Spooky Szn

It's the mosttt spooooky tiiiiime of the yearrrr. That's right, friends - it's spooky szn. It's the time of year that grave stones start popping up out of your neighbor's front yard and your local coffee shop has random cob webs coming off the walls. The air temperature drops a CONTINUE READING