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Miss Face of Prom 2k20 – Megan Hepburn


I seriously cannot believe I’m writing this blog right now, I’m still in shock! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Megan Hepburn and I won Miss ENoel Face of Prom 2020…..crazy right? I never imagined having such a great title.



I’m from St Thomas, and I went to Parkside C.I. This year, I’m going to school for Concurrent Education to be a Biology and French teacher.

All throughout high school, I have been as involved as possible at my school and in my community. Throughout high school I participated in sports teams such as basketball, volleyball, golf, and badminton. I also took part in my school’s productions of Rock of Ages the Musical and Legally Blonde the Musical. I’m constantly keeping busy, and I love being involved in meeting new people. This year I was Vice President on my school’s student council, which allowed me to meet so many people in my community and students of all ages at my school. The cherry on top of my year was running my school’s prom. Towards the end of grade 11 I decided that I wanted to plan and execute the best prom possible for the students at my school and give them one of the most memorable nights of their lives….. Unfortunately due to COVID 19, this didn’t happen.

After putting in numerous hours planning, fundraising, and dreaming about prom throughout the year, I had to tell my whole grade that our prom was canceled due to COVID 19. I was heartbroken, and having to be the bearer of bad news to all of the hopeful grade twelves at my school was terrifying. It felt like all of the efforts that I and the rest of our prom committee had put into such a huge event had all gone to waste, and that all of our Prom dreams were over.

Luckily, I was involved in Face of Prom this year and had the privilege of meeting tons of super amazing girls my age who all had a passion for Prom just like me. I remember going on Instagram and seeing a post to apply for Face of Prom, and wondering if it was even worth it to try and enter the competition. I decided to give it a shot and to my suprise, I got to walk in E Noel’s Dress Obsessed fashion show in support of the Princess Program with just over 50 other stunning girls. Leading up to the event , I practiced walking in heels, posing, and basically felt like I was a model, which is something I had never experienced before. I found out the night of the show that I had moved on in the competition to the Top 26 and I was shocked. This allowed me to form even closer connections with the other girls who had moved on. I got to model dresses in-store for a day which was super fun, and I even got to have a real life photoshoot done at Heeman’s. The photoshoot was so cool! I had never gotten my makeup and hair professionally done, and it really made me feel like a princess for the day.

 Looking back on Face of Prom, it’s crazy how far I feel like I’ve come and grown. Entering Face of Prom was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done, and something that really pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. I would recommend FOP and FOG to anyone, and I can’t wait to help out this year and meet so many more great girls!

I’m so thankful for ENoel and all of the experiences I’ve had this year!




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