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Mood Boards!

Do you¬†have a special event coming up?¬† With the thousands of styles and dresses to swipe through from even just the major designers like Jovani, Jvn, and Sherri Hill, to name a few, how do you start to narrow down which one your dream dress is?¬† The average bride and prom goer scours¬†the Internet over a hundred hours before showing a single¬†photo, or discussing¬†a loved¬†style¬†with anyone else.¬† That adds up to hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs of wedding, prom and grad dresses to consider as your “perfect one”.
How do you sort all those beautiful ideas and photos?¬† More¬†importantly, how do you describe your vision to the stylist at the boutique when you visit us to ensure that your ideas, needs, and wants for your wedding, prom or grad dress are realized?… a mood board.¬† A mood board allows and helps you collect and curate your unique vision.
Designers like Sherri Hill, Jovani and Alyce Paris make several mood boards to get inspired, and pull together their vision when creating their gorgeous dress collections.  A mood board allows you to control the decision process for the look you want for your grad, prom, cocktail, engagement, or wedding dress.
How do you create your own mood board Рeasy peasy.  Whatever you put together will be perfect, because you made it for you!  Starting is simple and can never be  too early. Many brides start dreaming about their wedding and wedding gown years ahead of the big day.  You can begin designing mood boards months before your prom, grad or any special event.  Here is a quick list with some of the basics to make your creation.
1.  Choose a theme:
            Рcolours I love
            Рdresses that inspire me
            Рdesigners I love РJovani, Sherri Hill, Portia and Scarlett
            Рlooks I know I will slay
Remember, your board is a work in progress. You can always make changes as you go along if your tastes change and evolve as you are designing your board, or better yet boards.
2.  Pick the size and shape of your board:
               Рthere are great sites like Adobe Spark Post that have templates
                 and options to use.
                -do it old school Рcollage it
3.   Personalize your images:
                Рadd photos of dresses you admired on friends, or from designer sites like Sherri Hill/Jovani/Faviana
                 Рuse photos from fashion inspired Instagrams
                 Рupload your own photos
4.  Describe the styles, looks and features of a dress that you are interested in.  Add a title to your page.
5.   Download and share your masterpiece!
A mood board with your dream dress from your favorite Prom and Wedding dress designers will allow your dress search to be special and stress free. Using one, or many boards, will eliminate the anxiety of searching aimlessly for your dream dress because you will know what you love beforehand.  It will make your vision clear to your shopping entourage, and to the stylist that is working with you to find you your perfect dress.  It will make shopping for your dream dress dreamy!
Happy creating #enoelgirls.¬† We can’t wait to see the mood boards you show us when you visit us, and seeing which beautiful dresses made your cut.

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