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How To Hide Your Bra Under Any Dress!

This blog was written by Anika from Apricotton, an online tween and teen bra brand.
Apricotton bras are designed to make growing girls feel confident in their bodies. Their bras
are super adjustable to last through multiple stages of puberty. You can find them at or on Instagram @apricottongirls.

This quarantine has led many of us to ditch the jeans and bras for sweatpants and pyjamas.
Whenever we get back to normal though, the invites to social gatherings will give you the
perfect opportunity to get out of your comfy clothes and put on a fancy outfit.

So whether you’re getting dressed up for a party, a family gathering or even prom, and
you’re struggling to hide your bra under clothing, here are some helpful hacks, bras and
accessories to try for any kind of outfit.

Bra hacks for dresses:
1) For that strapless dress, wear…
A strapless bra or strapless bodysuit. If you have a smaller chest, a strapless bra is great not
only for saving you from all that bra strap stress, but it makes your outfit look seamless and
gives you good support. If you have a larger chest though, you may find that a strapless bra
tends to slip and slide all over. In that case, a strapless bodysuit is the way to go as it still
gives you that same seamless look, but just with more support.

2) For that plunging neckline dress or one-shoulder dress, wear…
A plunge bra or adhesive body tape. As the plunge bra was designed for dresses like this,
when worn it gives good support, hides any sign of a bra and just overall makes the dress
look smooth and put together. Apricotton’s Perfect Bralette has a v-shaped neckline to
match any low-cut dress. Its soft yet full-coverage fabric will ensure that your bra doesn’t
show underneath a tight dress.

If you’re feeling up to it, whether you have a plunging dress or a one-shoulder dress, you can
also try body tape, a nude adhesive that helps keep everything in place. Just stick the tape
on the outer sides of your breasts and you’ll be able to dance and have fun all night long.

3)For that low-back dress, wear…
A backless bra or a bra strap converter. If you’re dying to wear a low-back dress, a low-back

bra is amazing for hiding that annoying bra band that would normally be sticking out in the
middle of your back. If you don’t feel like getting a backless bra though, you can buy a bra
strap converter. With a bra strap converter, all you need to do is attach it to any bra you
already have, pull down the back strap of the bra and then fasten it securely, making it
invisible as you wear your low-back gown.

4) For that racerback dress, wear…
A racerback bra or a bra clip. A racerback bra can not only help relieve pressure on your
back and neck but can also prevent strap slipping and can hide bra straps altogether,
allowing you to focus more on the dress and less on the straps.
You can also get a multifunctional bra like Apricotton’s Perfect Bra! It fits perfectly under this type of dress, as its straps can be crisscrossed to hide under any dress top!

Another thing you can get for a sleeveless dress is a bra clip, which can clip the back of the
straps together, making your bra instantly invisible. If you’re in a pinch or want to save some
cash, a paper clip or safety pin work just as well.

While all of these hacks work great, the good news is that most formal dresses actually
come with chest padding or built-in bras so you often don’t even need to wear a bra under
your dress. This will definitely save you some stress.

Say yes to that dress
If there’s a hard-to-wear dress that you have your eye on, but you’re not sure how to wear it
with a bra, don’t let that stop you. Using these hacks, bras and accessories, you can get the
dress of your dreams without a regular bra holding you back.

Blog Post Written By: Anika In’t Hout – Apricotton


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