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What It Takes To Be A Queen! 👑

Current Miss United World

Written by Chioma Blaire Douglas

We are coming to the end of a very exciting time of year. Pageant season! Pageants are big events that are recognized by fans worldwide. Beauty pageants and scholarship programs for women have been a part of society

since the 1800’s. They have a rich history and evolution story. No longer are women silently judged on their “pretty figures” in front of a panel of judges. Today, it takes a whole lot more to be a true pageant queen – and that is something we celebrate! The PERSON that you are and the IMPACT that you make on society is looked at seriously for the ultimate prize.

National pageant winners gain the title of “Miss Canada” followed by their respective system ie. United WorldTM and are usually present in major international competitions. Elizabeth Noel is jumping into the pageant scene and is ready to help you be the best queen you can be!

Have A Plan

Pageantry is a sport, and with every competition comes a lot of preparation! Make time to set goals and have a plan for the outcome you are desiring. Yes, you want to WIN but use this opportunity to think deeper than that as well.

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★ Howdoyouwanttofeelonstage?Confident?Elegant?Powerful?

★ Whatabouttheconnectionsyouwanttomakewiththeotherdelegates?

★ Howwillyouraiseawarenessaboutyourplatformofchoice?

There are so many other ways to win in pageantry other than just walking away with the crown. Throughout the process, you will grow as a person and make important connections. Competing in a pageant is like an extended job interview for the best job you will ever have! Visualize yourself being an ambassador and reflect on where you want to go beyond that crowning moment on stage.

Being prepared for pageants like Canada United WorldTM is key. Your physical body is not judged. All bodies are exceptionally beautiful! It’s up to you how you want to present yourself! Having a WOW outfit (queue glitter jumpsuit) for Interview, and arriving to every event ready and prepared makes a standout impression to the
directors and judges.

Having a plan will not only make you look more confident but also make you feel more confident as well. It’s never too early to prepare for Nationals!

Be Yourself

The tried and true advice you hear everywhere you go. We know. However, the only thing that makes you truly unique is the fact that there IS only one you. You can shine in pageantry with any personality, any

interests/hobbies, any hair texture or style! The judges for Canada United WorldTM are looking for an ambassador who will be a role model for others and is confident in who she is as a person.

Style wise, Elizabet
h Noel has one of the largest selections of prom and pageant gowns that you can find! Choosing a gown or outfit that suits your body type and style is key to making an impact on stage. The dress you select should make you feel like the best version of yourself. Click Here to book an online fitting.

To be a queen, it is important to be memorable! If you open any of your socials you can easily find a million images of the same thing — so be different! Be yourself, be unique, and the crown is yours!

Define What Beauty Means To You.

Chioma Blaire Douglas – Director of the Canada United World Pageant

Yes, Canada United WorldTM is a beauty pageant. Beauty pageants have been stereotyped to be superficial and only about looks. However, at Canada United WorldTM being a queen goes much deeper than the surface. With no height or weight requirements, no photos needed to apply and no judging on physical appearance; the definition of beauty is now in the hands of our delegates.

Beauty can be the confidence you show on stage, your passion for your platform, a friendship or a kind gesture. There are so many fresh ways we can look at beauty and as a pageant queen you get to decide what you bring to the table.

Modern pageantry is here and it’s an amazing way to make friends and build your network of strong supportive women across the world! If you are interested in joining a pageant: Canada United WorldTM is open for online registration. Our pageant will give you the ultimate experience of being a queen in partnership with Elizabeth
Noel. Set your goals, be yourself and define what beauty is to you and we can guarantee that you will always feel like a queen!

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